5 Amazing Photoshoot Ideas To Do At Home


If you are stuck in the room, there are many ways you can practice photography at home and become creative with your camera.

From the photography of a natural light portrait to simple food photography at home or one light product, I have collected a list of 10 creative shooting ideas that you can try at home. You don’t have to get out to an interesting location, collaborate with a big team or photograph top-end products directly to the box to get good photos – some of these shooting is very simple so that all you need is your camera and subject.

1. Natural light portrait photography


Technically, natural light portrait photography can be done inside or outside, but anyway, it is a good reason to get shooting. One of the best things about baby light portrait photography is you really don’t need a lot of equipment. To get started, all you need is your camera, subject and some space.


If you take a photo in the room, start by finding a suitable light source, like a large window, and think about how you can maximize your scene. In this photography class in this room I keep things very clean and simple, just use large windows like a light source, my camera and some diffusion material.

2.Photograph the kids


Both weekends or holidays, take the opportunity to take children for some fast photos at home. Again, this type of shoot can be done inside or outdoors and requires very little equipment.

If you can’t get out, think about how to get in a creative room. You can make them dress up in their favorite clothes, pose with family pets or use their toys as props.

3. Natural light food photography


If photographing people is not your thing, why not try natural food photography? you don’t need to have extraordinary culinary skills to photograph food at home. As you will see in our two natural snacks shooting, where Anna photographs a bowl of spaghetti and the Charcuterie board, all you need is just a few basic ingredients, space for shooting, your camera and a tripod (some reflectors (some reflectors are also useful).

4. Camera traps in the garden


Have you explored the addictive world of wildlife traps? It’s hard to master and do it well, but it is a very useful challenge.

If you have a garden, set the DSLR camera trap and see what creatures patrol your page at night.

Maybe you know the landowner who will be happy to let you set one (where legal). Bring your walk to go and check it out, change the battery and memory card, then go home.

5.Still life photography


Still Life Photography is a great way to really test your creativity and you really don’t need a lot to start. Shooting only ordinary eggs, we show you how creative you can use only your lighting and background.

Look around the house to see what you can find, whether it’s a book or piece of fruit, and challenge yourself to see how many different shots you can make. It’s a great way to spend time, test your skills and encourage your creativity.

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