5 reasons why you need to take Vitamin C in your daily diet: Natural Sources of Vitamin C

To learn the importance of vitamin C in our daily diet, we have to look back to the 80s where our grandparents had very little knowledge about vitamins and minerals, even if they had very little understanding of nutrition value they used to take proper care of the nutrition of their child.

They hadn’t any artificial supplements or medicines but they were more active and healthier than us, they would fulfill their nutrition intake by including natural sources of vitamins like citrus fruit, such as oranges and lemon, peppers, strawberries, blackcurrants, broccoli,brussels sprouts, potatoes.
But today we have lots of supplements and medicines but still, many people face malnutrition and deficiency of proper intake of minerals and vitamins.

Here’s why you should take vitamin C deficiency seriously, and how does vitamin C help in overall body healing,

1. Immunity Booster-

Vitamin C originates new white blood cells which help to fight against infections, by including vitamin C in your daily diet you can build immunity for covid-19. Do not pay thousands and lakhs in hospitals after getting covid start now and build your immunity against covid by taking vitamin C in your diet.

Scientifically, it is proven that by including vitamin c in your daily diet you can develop immunity against coronavirus, even if you got caught by coronavirus you will be recovered in-home care, you can be safe from this pandemic just by adding few ingredients.

Don’t go for artificial supplements because they may cause long-term side effects. Add kiwi, lemon, orange, pineapples, and tomatoes, etc., to your daily diet gives you energy all day as well as builds antibodies also, works as an antioxidant in your body.

2.Acne reduction-

Vitamin C helps in Acne reduction, it helps in repairing acne wounds, by adding it in your diet you can see noticeable difference in 3 weeks.It helps to recover your damaged skin and regovinates within.

Also helps in anti-aging , as it counterbalances the free militants which relieves stress from skin which makes it glowing and skin looks just like baby skin.

You can scrub your face with orange peel as well, it will help the oil to come out from your pores, after that massage your face with ice it will help to reduce the bump of your pimple.

3.Cure Chronic Diseases-

Chronic diseases are those diseases that remain more than 1 year and medical attention is necessary, by having fruits like orange, kiwi, lemon, guava, grapefruit, and vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and capsicums which are rich in vitamin C.

Increasing foods like this in your diet and avoiding oily and fatty foods. One can be healthy and fitter by following these simple steps.Chronic diseases are very easy to get rid of if one puts their best, taking care of nutrition, regular exercise, and yoga can help to achieve this.

4. Decreases hypertension-

Hypertension is a state where your blood force is high towards the heart. One can have severe damages if not treated well, heart stroke commonly known as heart attack is the most common problem in hypertension patients.
One must take a balanced diet and exercise regularly to avoid this situation, having Vitamin C-rich food in their regular diet, one can see a noticeable difference in no time.

5.fight cancer with Vitamin C –

As we all know cancer is a deadly and dangerous disease, by having high dose of vitamin C it can be cured upto some extent and it may kill cancel cells, but most important is being positive and happy and not let the negativity hurt you.

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