5 Home Fitness Hacks That Make Your Body Feel the Best


We don’t always have time, energy, or motivation for full practice. Add cold weather when outdoor is not a choice and global pandemic that takes a gym and fitness studio, and we go with recipes that don’t motivate fitness failure. But because any movement is very important for the mind and body, we collect fitness hacking which not only makes possible exercises during this season, but makes it easy.

For all the girls who sleep through online exercise classes but still want to exercise, girls who lack motivation since March, or those who have so many back-to-back zoom meetings that are 60 minutes for exercise look more like a joke from reality, this hacking for you. Life is about balance and treating yourself well, so if you have been lazy in sports or jump over exercise, don’t stress. Instead, move more often to make your body feel the best, in a convenient, easy and fun way, with this 10 fitness hacking.

1. Do more on your down time


The key to staying healthy is to rethink what exercise it means to you. Instead of thinking only as a designated training video, cardio or weight lifting, it aims to live less sedentarios in general. You do not need to place sneakers, place 60 minutes and prepare for an intense training if you do not wish. Instead, think about how your downtime passes and how it can make that downtime more active. If you spend free time watching Netflix 24/7, consider deactivating the TV and spending the extra time in a way that is not only better for your body, but more satisfying for you. For example, take your dog into longer walks, put a music while he cooks and dances, or clean his house. All these activities require movement, but the most important thing is productive and / or pleasant.

2. Use everyday objects as weights


If it was a regular pre-pandemics of gymnastics, you do not need to invest in a set of full weights in the home if you do not wish. Instead, get creative using objects that you have in your home as a way to challenge the body with a little more weight than to use body weight. For example, try the bridge elevators with a heavy coffee table book, soup cans for biceps curls, and a bottle of wine (or a bottle of vodka for more weight, naturally) for cup squats. You will get the same challenge that comes with weight training without the need for weights. Just make your best to resist the temptation to forget the cup squatting and open the bottle of wine (or vodka. Without trial).

3. Fit movement into your workday


Most of us think we have to live a life that fully settled, at least from 9am – 5. P.M. We sat at our table from morning to night, just moved to the fridge and returned. However, only because we are fixated on our cellphone and our computer all day does not mean we cannot be creative in some exercises. Take a walk around the block when answering calls or taking a meeting, sitting on a yoga ball instead of a chair to involve the core muscles and legs, walk on the treadmill while answering email, standing while working, instead of sitting (put your laptop counter), Or if everything fails, get yourself one of the good ellipse tables .

4. Eliminate distractions


When you set aside time to make your body move, it is still difficult to enter the zone in your own home. You start checking your phone, note the messy dishes accumulate in the sink and feel tempted to clean, or you just want to sit on the sofa (especially when it’s only five feet from you). To help with motivation and stay present, remove as many disturbances as possible before your practice. Put your cellphone silent (or let it come out of the room at all), neat the area before, and enter the pump-up playlist to help the zone out of the sound.

5. Make good use of your TV time


I like my TV time as much as the next girl. I never said it wasn’t on the Netflix , and I could (and have) eat the whole season in one sitting. But just because the new crown season comes out or you crave some quality TV time does not mean you have to sit on the couch to watch. Consider stretching or doing some light yoga every time watching TV to keep the body move while enjoying your favorite shows and movies. You can even use TV time as your exercise if you lack motivation to set aside time for itself. For example, hold the board on a commercial break, do 20 Jack Jack before each new episode, or use a movie or show with a killer soundtrack and dance with your favorite song.

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