Haldi Outfits for Bride

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” – Dave Meurer

Indain weddings are more than just a wedding, usually wedding take place after three to four days of pre-wedding ceremonies or rituals which are performed. Indian weddings are fun-loving and every ritual has some importance and meaning hidden.

One of such most loved ceremony is the haldi ceremony. Turmeric is as such known for its anti-inflammatory properties and healing powers but it holds a special place at Hindu wedding. Therefore, haldi outfits holds the same amount of importance that of wedding outfits. Brides experiment a lot with their outfits in their haldi ceremony, which should stand out of the crowd. As per traditions, only females are allowed to become a part of the Haldi ceremony and apply turmeric paste on the bride or groom. As the females shower blessings to the bride and groom for their healthy and wealthy married life. Mostly all the females along with the bride wear yellow or orange coloured clothes for the haldi ceremony. So here are some outfits for the bride for her haldi ceremony.


Decked up in a simple or designer saree is considered the perfect outfit for the haldi ceremony.


Lehenga is a very common outfit for every weddings or pre-wedding ceremonies. A simple one looks elegant for the haldi ceremony.


A designer kurta set for brides always be evergreen and light weighted to carry and easy for fun and dancing.


Gown is the outfit which is always praised on the day of haldi ceremony and people are left amazed with the bride look.


Picking up a floral or singled coloured designer or basic dress for haldi ceremony could be considered as remarkable for the brides.


There are so many designer suits for haldi ceremony trending these days. Some brides prefer to go traditional, so there are many such collection for haldi ceremony.


Instead of going traditional, brides are experimenting with their outfits by going little different with other brides. Plazzo sets are the best uncommon outfits that brides could try out.  


Sahara sets give a flawless and elegant look. it actually compliments the ceremony.

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  1. […] Haldi ceremony is one of the most entertaining and happening function before the wedding. Haldi ceremony is mostly celebrated during the day. It is a fun-filled moments for both, the bride and her family and friends. A bride seated on a chair amidst family and friends strokes of Haldi across her cheeks and hands. Mostly all the females wear yellow coloured clothes for the haldi ceremony. While Haldi ceremony preps are up and about in full swing and you must be wondering “what to wear” and we are here some interesting ideas from what real brides wore to their own Haldi ceremonies. So here are some Haldi outfits for bride. […]

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