Go-To makeup looks for Work-From-Home.

During this Work From Home life we have come up with go-to makeup looks.


You might have a misconception that winged liner is for big night outs, but the pictures might change that. It has become so easy with the cat-eye stencil to make the perfect casual cat-eye. With subtle makeup, look cat eye can look casual and is a perfect look for WFH life.


You can glow without too much makeup and effort. This look will surely help you. Whether it’s an office meeting or a casual video call party, this look will always be your savior.

  • Natural Glow Enhancer
  • Color-correcting kit
  • Pro-Glow Foundation
  • Makeup blender
  • Pro Glow Concealer
  • Blush
  • Eye shadow primer
  • Eye Shadow
  • Mascara
  • Brow Mascara
  • Matte Lipstick

You want your makeup to look crease-free, right? Apply small amount of face primer on your face. Use a colour corrector to make your skin evenly toned. Use a pro-glow foundation and blend it using a makeup blender. Later use a concealer to hide dark spots. The most important step for this look is the blush. Dust blush onto each of your cheeks, brushing the color in an up and out motion from your cheekbones to your temples.

Do not keep your eyes lain, use a coat of mascara or two and top it off with a pretty pink lipstick.


This year is all about metallic lipstick. Reach for the Metallic Eye Shadow and dust your lids in a single colour to join the trend and add shimmering colours to your skin. Allow your eyes to speak for themselves while keeping the rest of your look simple for an everyday makeup look that really pops.


Simply switching out your black or brown eyeliner for a more vibrant alternative is a simple way to change up your makeup look. Not only will this save you time compared to using your normal go-to hue, but you’ll also look completely on-trend. After all, bright eyeliner colours like blue, gold, and even neon have never been more common!


You’ve seen it on runways and in your Instagram feed—now it’s time to bring the model-approved glossy makeup look to real life. Lucky for you, it doesn’t require a personal makeup artist to get this A-list look. Just follow our everyday makeup tutorial below!

  • Eye shadow primer
  • Eye Shadow
  • Clear lip gloss
  • Mascara

Start with a primer on your eye lids. Apply a coat of orange eye shadow on it. The most important step in this look is to apply a gloss on your eye shadow. A glossy eye shadow is the new trending look. Apply mascara to give your lashes some volume. And to top off this perfect look add a li gloss and you are perfectly set to go.

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