Do your own wedding makeup in this pandemic.

Planning an Indian wedding takes up a lot of time, efforts and money. There are so many things to care about like venue, catering food, invites, etc. But during this pandemic, it is not possible to have the typical big fat Indian wedding.

Shot of a beautiful young woman applying makeup with a brush

It will be a little difficult to finalize your wedding day makeup as it will be your look for THE day. In addition to that, you would want you makeup to look perfect in photos as well.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

You don’t want to apply your wedding-day look for the first time on your wedding day, no matter how experienced you are with makeup. Repeat, practise, rehearse until you’ve achieved the desired appearance. Then write down what you used so you can return to your notes on the wedding day to recall what brands you used and how you used them.

3. Set Up a Serene Space

You’ll require not only time but also a calm space to apply your makeup. Since getting-ready rooms may be hectic at times, and well-intentioned bridal party members can distract you, having some privacy to relax and apply your makeup is essential.

4. Use a Primer

Apply a thin film of primer to the skin after it has been moisturised. A primer can fill in swollen pores as well as straight fine lines and some deeper-set lines, acting as a temporary corrector. The various textures of primer can also aid in skin preparation. A mattifying primer, for example, will tend to reduce glare right away, while an illuminating primer will brighten the complexion. A mattifying primer, for example, will help to reduce glare instantly, while an illuminating primer will offer the skin an instant, flawless foundation for makeup.

6. Pick the Perfect Foundation

Go to stores and get your perfect foundation. It is not just about colour but also if it suits your skin type. Powder aims to set your makeup and prevents your skin from becoming greasy in photographs. However, if you use too much makeup, you risk making your skin appear oily and wrinkled. The adage “less is more” applies here.

10. Define Your Brows

To emphasize the point on your wedding day, you don’t need bushy brows. “Brows are the distinguishing trait on your face,” Beau says, “but if you aren’t blessed with absolute, perfectly formed brows, get out a long-lasting brow cream and identify what you have, working with your natural form.”

11. Avoid Sparkly Products

Stuff that sparkle, like SPF and white powders, don’t photograph well. “Any skin colours, face powders, or highlighters with sparkles,” Kline explains, “look utterly hideous in flash photography.” “Use more matte eye shadows and stick to neutral, subtle tones.” Stick to more matte eye shadows and neutral, subtle tones.

12. Embrace Waterproof Mascara

Not only do you want your mascara to stay put in the face of stray tears, but waterproof formulations should also be able to survive the sun. “Heat will cause heavy mascara to droop and melt, which isn’t ideal for summer brides,” says Rubin.

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