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Whatever our age is, we all want flawless skin without spending thousands and lakhs on artificial treatments, supplements, fillers, injections.We spend hours and hours on our makeup to hide our acne and marks, but we don’t find any time for self-pampering ourselves. 

We are so busy that we are ready to spend money on our skin to make it glow without knowing the future consequences. Your skin may look good from the outside, but internally we don’t know what’s transpiring within our skin.

We need to take time for ourselves and our own good, we need to learn to take proper care of our skin without using harsh chemicals, makeup for hiding our acne instead use home remedies to reduce your acne and take proper care of your health by exercising and have a healthy and balanced diet.

let us learn how we can get glowing skin without using any penny,

Wash Face With Water Only-

Don’t use harsh chemical-based face wash, use water to wash your face as it will not harm your gentle skin. As some face wash even causes more acne than reducing acne and it’ll also leave your pores open which leads oil to settle in.

Wash your face 2-3 times daily and even every time you come home you should wash your face, as it’ll remove all the pollutants and dirt settled on your face and if not done properly it can cause acne.using water as a face wash is very good for gentle skin as well, people having sensitive skin should never use harsh chemicals on their face as it’ll leave their skin disastrous.

Turmeric Ubtan-

We may found many things in our kitchen to get glowing acne-free skin then why waste money on things that do not do any good for our skin.We may make a Turmeric Ubtan and use it once or twice every week to make our skin glow and acne-free without using any penny.Haldi has antiseptic qualities it’ll help to recover and repair tissues rapidly.

Now, to make a Turmeric Ubtan you need 1 tsp gram flour, 1tsp wheat flour, and 1 pinch of Turmeric then mix all ingredients with water, Scrub it gently on your face and wait for 10-15 min till it dries. and then wash your face. And Apply half tsp. coconut oil as a moisturizer on your face. You will see a noticeable difference in 3-4 weeks.

Rub ice to reduce acne bump-

By rubbing Ice on acne will reduce the bump and reduce the redness of the acne. You may use it every night before sleeping.It will repair itself at night, ice will also reduce the puffiness under your skin and make you look younger and your skin will glow, you will feel light within yourself and you will feel happy also if you use this remedy longer it has unlimited benefits.

Neem juice-

Neem is the oldest and best ayurvedic medicine that converts impure blood into pure blood. Neem consumed in any form will help your tissues repair, it will also help reducing weight.Acne appears when you eat too much oily and don’t take care of your body, it all appears on your face, so to have glowing and clean skin you need to drink Neem Juice daily, Including Neem juice in your diet is very important even if you have acne or not one must have Neem in any form it will give you long term health benefits.

So to make neem juice at home you need approx 20-25 leaves, wash them thoroughly, the quantity of juice depends on how much water you add to it,2 glass of water is good enough for one person add water according to your need to boil the leaves in water, boil it 10-15 min. , drain the water in a glass and drink it hot, And you may use the rest of the leaves by making a neem mask, crush neem leaves in a mixer and apply the neem paste on your face to look glowing, you will see a noticeable difference in 1-2 weeks.

Daily Nutrition-

It’s very important to take care care of your nutrition value and have a balanced diet to have glowing & acne-free skin, drinking at least 12 glasses of water daily having fruits that have acne reducing properties like papaya, pomegranate,coconut water, and all citric fruits like lemon, orange, etc., which are rich in vitamin c.

Having vitamin c in your daily diet will help skin wounds to repair rapidly.Avoiding oily and fatty foods which make your blood impure will be very beneficial. Trying yoga and exercise regularly will help your skin look flawless.If one adequately tries all these remedies will never face any acne issues.

Be Happy, Be Fruity & Gain Beauty

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