Benefits Of Olive Oil & its types

Heart disease and diabetes are very common in today’s era. in Indian food, oil is a very important ingredient, without oil Indian food is not competitive, but that oil is becoming a reason for many diseases nowadays. Earlier we used to have the same oily food but we used to digest it by physical working, but now our almost work is done by machines, everything can be done through seating on a chair, machines have made work easier but it has shown its side effects in the form of obesity, no physical work and many diseases caused by it. Many researchers have detected that if we want a healthy lifestyle in today’s time then we have to reduce oil in our food using substitutes of oil and increase our physical work and do our own work, have an active lifestyle, and eat healthy to avoid diseases and rally on medicines. Earlier we used to have no option for clarified butter. But as of now, we have many options to substitute heavy oil with a healthy oil like soybean oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, olive oil. but the most healthy oil we have is olive oil. olive oil helps in lowering down cholesterol and it doesn’t increase chalostrol which is the main reason for having heart attacks and strokes. olive oil has omega -3, needed fatty acids, vitamin antioxidants in it.

How Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Made

Olive oil is produced mainly in spain and then supplied worldwide, due to its trading excise duty it is expensive in India. But its benefits are totally worth the price.

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Olive oil has many benefits it has antioxidants and omega – 3, it reduces cholesterol, it has vitamin E, fatty acids. Similarly, coconut oil is beneficial for your health it is also very healthy as same as olive oil. if you don’t have olive oil in your market or it seems expensive for you, you can still buy coconut oil, coconut oil is a great substitute for olive oil.

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olive has different types of variety in it. some of them are used for cooking purposes and some of them are used for skin and hair purposes. every type of olive oil works differently that is why one should have apt. knowledge of its different types and different uses. if you don’t have knowledge then it would be of no use like you use cooking oil on hair! it’ll be of no use, right?

Let us discuss some of its types in detail-

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Extra virgin olive oil-

It is the best oil in the types of olive oil because we get amino acids and omega-3 from this type of oil which is very important for our health, it has many healthy fats which makes it so expensive in India for middle-class people this oil is used for cooking because it is very light on heart, it is mainly used in the dressing of salads.

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Virgin olive oil-

This type of olive oil is used for cooking as well it is used for normal cooking it is not used for deep frying, it is very healthy for your body one must have it if you have concerns in eating habits and want to change your cooking is a little expensive but every drop is worth is unrefined and there’s no chemical included in it, that is why it is said to be the best cooking oil.

Extra virgin olive oil may protect against various dementias

Refind olive oil-

this oil is cheaper than compared to other olive oil types and it is easily available too in the market. However it has fewer vitamins and minerals compared to other types of olive oil, it has the fewer amount of is used to make food, it is cooking oil, which means it works similarly to refind oil.

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Pure olive oil-

Last up, we have pure olive is used for skin and hair purposes, you can use it for dry skin as well as for dry also has many health benefits towards hairs and skin also good for your body but external use only.

Olitalia Pure Olive Oil - 500ML –

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