Wedding in Mumbai

Marriage is a beautiful relationship between two people who love each other and want to spend their entire life together. To share this bond with the world a Wedding is planned and known people are invited to attend it.

It usually starts with the two families doing the pre-wedding rituals which include a lot of fun activities like:

Ring ceremony

This is the starting stage in any wedding and takes place few months before the wedding. The couple and their families gather and the couple is made to put ring in each others ring finger, that is, exchange rings to make their engagement stronger.

This is followed by dancing, singing and playing a lot of games. In this both the families get close and make bonds with each other.

Mehendi Ceremony

This is considered the most crucial step as this decides if the groom loves her bride or not, that is, the darker the colour of the mehendi the more the groom loves the bride.

Mehendi also called Henna is a paste made and applied on the bride’s hands and feet. The bride has to sit for hours with Mehendi on as the more she waits the darker the colour, so to prove that her groom loves her she sits with it for long period of time.

The other guests enjoy food, sweets and dancing.


It is believed that the “JODI” is made by god’s will and is in the best wishes for the couple so to thank god for the bond which is about to be formed prayers are sung and a lot of dieties (usually for Ganesh god) are done.

After the rituals are done a lot of gifts and sweets are exchanged between the bride and groom’s families.


In this a turmeric paste is applied on the girl’s skin , this is because turmeric is believed to have a lot of benefits like antimicrobial property and cleansing agent so before the wedding, the big day, she is made to enhance her beauty with this paste. All the relatives turn wise apply it on her. Sometimes even the groom is made to apply it but only for fun.


This is the most important day for both families as today both the girl and the boy will be officially be married and will tie a knot that will tell the whole world that they are married.

First the bride and her family arrive at the wedding hall and wait for the groom ,the groom’s arrival called BHARAAT to the wedding hall is celebrated with great joy.

Both the groom and the bride are made to sit around fire and dieties are performed. After this they put a VARMALA , a string of flowers , on to each other , then they go around the fire and make seven rounds. This marks the end of the wedding.

After this a reception is usually done where the guests invited come on the stage where the couple are click photos and create memories for future.

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