Misconceptions about weddings in India

I would not hold back and I am going to say that Indians are known for their superstitions. Such superstitions are also followed in marriage rituals. At any big fat Indian wedding, you will find bright lights, decorations, loud music, glittering sherwanis, lehengas, and the tastiest food of all time along with all this you will find some misconceptions and superstitions.

Matches are made in heaven. How true is that? Well, there is no way to prove the statement’s veracity. We have brought to you a few misconceptions followed by Indians. We wish no harm to anyone.

Let’s take a look at some of the wedding misconceptions that exist in society:

A knife a day keeps the evil away

The bride is asked to keep a sharp object with her always, from the engagement until the date of marriage, to keep evil at bay. This is still followed in many parts of the country. We do not know if the evil spirits are kept away or not by keeping a knife but Indians like to believe it.

No mirror 

In Indian weddings, another superstition is that the bride must only see herself once she’s completely ready. Looking again in the mirror is considered a bad omen. But in today’s era, everyone spends their time in front of the mirror and they want to look at the progress so if you are not superstitious, it is suggested you go ahead and adore your beauty in the mirror as often as you want.

Lucky girl with the darker mehndi 

Well, this belief crosses religious boundaries in India. The darker the shade of the mehndi, the stronger the marriage would be is what is believed. Another myth surrounding mehndi is that if it lasts in the hands of the bride longer than the groom, she is likely to receive more love and care from her in-laws.

Shedding tears – a must

The typical Indian wedding will have the bride shedding tears at bidaai. In the olden days, the daughter who once left the house did not come to her father’s place for years, and was obvious for the bride to cry so it is believed this ensures that the bride won’t have to cry after this day and will be leaving all her pains and sorrows behind.

But now when you have so many cameras rolling you do not want to mess up your makeup. You can always cry for the dramatic effect, and travel is so easy and comfortable, do not worry about the separation part.

No black or white dress

Wearing a black or white dress on the day of the wedding is considered to be unlucky as these colors are linked to mourning and grief. The new generation brides though have started using shades of black and white in their dresses, but the complete color is still not used.

As we have always believed, “You do you.”

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