Decoding Rajasthani Weddings.


Sovereignty, rich social legacy and a wonderful way of life are the impression of the Rajasthan we as a whole know and their wedding customs are no special case. Weddings from the desert state are genuinely stand-out with the extravagant embellishments, dynamic tones, conventional and people dance structure and music. Here we investigate interesting Rajasthani wedding customs. Peruse on and investigate how you can remember some of them for your to-be nupitals. Various Rajasthani people group have various practices and customs. Every more bright and sublime than the other.


However much the customs continue as before, their method of communicating them can be very extraordinary. You can see exemplary instances of this in Rajasthani wedding customs from the Rajput and Marwari people group. Routinely, the hero class is known for rich and illustrious Rajasthani weddings. You can see the presentation of bravery in current weddings, regardless of whether it’s in the man of the hour conveying a blade or riding on a pony or elephant at the top of his Baraat. Every Rajput family has its own arrangement of qualities that casing their wedding customs making it a stupendous regal issue.

Here are a few Rajasthani wedding customs that are explicit to this local area:

Tilak Ceremony-


The Tilak function in the Rajasthani wedding is a likeness the conventional Roka service, where the approaching marriage is authoritatively reported. A male function, the men from the lady to-be’s home bring presents for the husband to be and his family (a sword, garments, adornments, desserts). The lady of the hour’s sibling blesses the husband to be with a Tilak. This is these days, trailed by a trade of rings at a ring service or Sagaai.

Pithi or Haldi-


A variation of the all around adored Haldi service in Rajasthani wedding where the lady and the husband to be are the fun loving casualties. Family members apply Haldi glue on the lady and lucky man. This glue has turmeric and sandalwood in it which bring sparkling and brilliant skin before the huge day. Yellow is the shade of the occasion.



Generally, this is the night when the lady and the man of the hour side all meet up to appreciate the conventional type of dance. Nowadays, we see it turning out to be into a presentation night when family members and companions plan and play out their own pieces for all to appreciate.



this pleasant function, the ‘Mama’ brings presents for the lady/groom and their families. Customarily it represents that he is additionally sharing the cost of the wedding.



This is the Sehra function where the husband to be’s sisters tie a brilliant string Sehra around the man of the hour’s head and afterward apply a dark Kajal to avoid any malevolent. This is just before the Barat service.



As opposed to the overall act of 7 Pheras at the mandap, a Rajasthani wedding possibly has 4 Pheras at the mandap when they circle around the blessed fire and the leftover 3 are taken later at the passageway of the lady’s new house.

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