Work from home is an arrangement that allows you to work outside the traditional office setting. It is also called remote work or working remotely. Thanks to new technologies, it is no longer required to be physically present in the office to be productive. It can even increase productivity and employee morale to work remotely.

Working from home allows employees to enjoy more flexibility since they can often work whenever they are more creative. The advantage of work-life balance is what motivates many employees to join the remote workforce.

Working from home may include callings, emails, video calls, text messages, WhatsApp messages, etc.

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s always best to assume that your boss, coworkers, or clients may request a video conference at a moment’s notice. In those cases, it’s always best to be properly dressed and ready rather than needing to ask for additional time to get yourself together.

As meetings are held on video conferences one has to look decent and presentable. that’s when work from home fashion comes into existence. When you feel like you’ve made the effort to get dressed and put on something you feel good in, then you’ll be more likely to approach your day with confidence and with purpose.


Overall, loose-fitting garments in soft fabrics are the way to go. You want to be comfortable, but you also want to present professionally.

Dress according to the weather

In warmer weather, my go-to numbers are typically cotton pieces that are fun but stylish which can be mixed and matched, like a jumpsuit over a tube top or t-shirt (choose a design that won’t make you hate visiting the bathroom), or wide-leg stripe pants that can be paired with a singlet or a smart top for important video calls,

Winter is jeans and an oversized but flattering cardigan, ideally with a long-sleeve top or high neck. If you really want to get in the work zone, reach for a soft and comfortable blazer or a long, sleeveless vest.

Mix neutrals and bold colors

 If you feel best in your trusty jeans, wear some color in your T-shirt or top. If whatever you’re wearing is pretty colorless, throw a vibrant scarf around your shoulders or wear some colorful flip-flops or fuzzy slippers. Even the color of your socks — especially if you are not wearing shoes — can help lift a mood,” Eiseman said.

Comfort comes first

Comfort and confidence are important. When people are able to wear the clothes that they’re comfortable and confident in, morale is higher and people are more productive overall. Most people aren’t going to be comfortable in fancy suits or dresses and heels. Additionally, a less strict dress code allows people to express themselves, which can help elevate creative thinking. When people are more creative and comfortable, they’re happier, and their work is going to be of higher quality. Office dynamics are also better between happy people (obviously), which will lead to an increase in workplace collaboration and the volume of work being completed.

Perk up your makeup look

Do you adjust your appearance for a video call in the same way you would for a meeting in the office? I am sure you won’t. Apart from the clothing, it is also important that you come across as active, fresh, and on your toes on the calls. For women, it is absolutely not necessary to put on a full face of makeup, but yes, a little brush up so that they look pleasing and not exhausted or too casual is definitely needed.

Here’s is a 10min makeup that ensures that you look great on those WHF video calls.

  • Start with your skincare routine, always!
  • Apply a little BB cream
  • Add concealer to the under eyes
  • Add a little blush
  • Do your eyes
  • Finish it with a lip gloss

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