Varmala Stage Decoration

Indian marriages have plenty of customs and rituals according to their different religion or communities.  An Indian wedding starts with the ceremony of Varmala or even known as Jaimala. It is one of the oldest traditions followed in the wedding ceremony and still followed in India. It is not just a fancy ceremony, instead, is considered to be an integral part of any Indian wedding.  This ceremony is followed right after the arrival of the groom with his family, relatives and friends at the venue. As soon as the groom reaches the stage along with his baraat, the ceremony takes place.

Varmala means exchanging of garlands by the bride and the groom. The garlands are made of fresh flowers and sometimes of artificial flowers. As soon as groom arrives, the bride puts a garland around his neck depicting that she has accepted him as her husband. He also puts a garland depicting that he has accepted her as his wife. This whole ceremony is performed in the presence of priests enchanting the mantras. The stage of varmala is made in the centre with unique decorations or ideas. Here are some varmala stage decoration ideas:


An antique design with fairy lights and candles which gives a detailed royal and luxury look to the stage. A grand stage accompanied with chandelier ceiling made of multiple flowers and lights is like a powerhouse.


Massively floral themed stage decked up with multi-coloured flowers all the stage to give an elegant and stunning look. The beauty of floral theme stage looks overwhelming.


This unique patterned theme involves different geometrical shaped stage and the ceiling. It gives a magnificent look with fabulous lighting and decoration.


Dome-shaped designed stages are trending these days in Indian weddings. The majestic stage setting with fabulous lightings and flowers gives the traditional look to it.


Exchanging garlands in majestic setting of lotus or a round stage moving with background music is nothing less than a dream.  


Stage with a minimal decoration along with dazzling lights and simple flowers is always magical.

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