Brides in Red Bridal Saree for the Wedding

In India, saree is a traditional outfit for weddings and festivals. Previously, brides use to wear red coloured sarees for their wedding but with time we have seen development in this field as well. Nowadays, most of the brides wear designer lehenga instead of sarees. Bridal sarees are not yet vanished from the wedding scenario, there are a lot of women who prefer to go with bridal designer sarees and that to even red coloured one. The designer sarees add a royalty and luxury to the exceptional day.

There are many reasons, red colour is chosen for wedding saree. It is believed that red colour is chosen for wedding saree because it signifies the symbol of strength, prosperity and fertility as well as the universal colour of love and commitments. In India, red colour signifies the auspicious moments and wedding is one of the auspicious occasion in a girl’s life.

“When grace and culture shook hands, the saree was born.”

BANARASI SAREES                                             

The Banarasi sarees are made in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. They are one of the finest traditional sarees in India and very heavy due to its rich embroidery which makes them ideal for parties, festivals, and weddings. Brides in red banarasi saree gives a dazzling look and elegant. These traditional and stunning Banarasi silk sarees are recognized globally due to the unique designs and patterns on them.


Kanjivaram sarees are originated in the village of Kanchipuram, it is essentially a silk saree for our South India. these sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk and the colours and the designs on the saree are quite different and unique. Mostly brides in South India wear a Kanjivaram saree for their wedding adorned with heavy gold jewellery.


Wedding in summers become very difficult to wear heavy clothes, but chiffon and net clothes are the ideal solution to this situation. Chiffon and net sarees are airy and dainty which feels comfortable in the hot days of summer. Even brides prefer red chiffon and net sarees with some heavy works for their wedding.

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