Top wedding themes in year 2020

Though year 2020 has been a devastating year for all ,still many love birds found their ways to make it 2xo2xo.

Below is the list of some interesting and fresh ideas of wedding themes held in 2020.


The evergreen yet heart touching. It is best for the couples who wants their day to be more than any other random day notwithstanding the same old Indian weddings. More suitable for the couples who are not armed open for experiments and wants all the traditional methods in a more modern and simpler way.


A wedding themes which is full of high level of sophistication and filled with the essence of the royal prestige culture of the country. From top to bottom everything is decked up with the lifeblood of royalty whether it be clothes, jewelry or the decor. Best suited for the couples who loves to enjoy their lives KING size.



The theme mixed with the modern touch. Many young couples who are fond of beaches seeks for it as it serves both destination wedding and traditional wedding. Best suited for the couples who love being adventurous and desires something new and refreshing. It gives you more summer vibe if and also don’t plan your beach wedding in the month of May -June, you might get tanned.

Wedding Themes


Mountain calling

Who doesn’t want to enter the beautiful journey of life together in a romantic, chilling and mesmerizing sites of Himalayas. We all have that hidden “Geet” within us who loves pahadh! Best suited for couples who enjoys winter and wants more than a simple wedding. The wedding theme mixed with various cultures and full of joyous sites.


Bored of same wedding themes. Why not try this out as it serves your traditional, modern and budget wedding. The wedding theme of fusion. Mixing the traditional vibe with the touch of modern or Western details. Best suited for couple who love refashioning.

whatever theme you choose just be you because it is your special day and will always be special and remembered.

Hope you like it .

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