Cause of Acidity and it’s home remides

Digitesion play a vital role in our body, if digitesion is not done properly then our body makes acid which in turn causes acidity. When we don’t digest our food properly, acidity is caused. Then if the acid in our body increases to much it produces gas in our body and then that Acidity causes low blood pressure, vomiting, chest burning, we may feel headache and dizziness, etc., if we don’t take care of it and ignore acidity then it may transform into diseases like blood pressure and sugar for which you have to take medicines and really on doctors and pay them thousands and lakhs. So we have to take care of our acidity levels in time otherwise you can see it’s serious results. So to take care of your health you have to maintain your health and maintain acid level rilising in your body so that you don’t have to to undergo it’s serious complications.

Here are my tips to control acid level or acidity level in your body-

Walking and exerciscing-

Maintain walking and Exerscing daily. Walk atelast 60 minutes everyday to burn some calories. Walking will help in digesting food and will reduce acid in your body. And even if you’re facing acidity daily even after drinking water don’t worry just have a healthy lifestyle and you will see a noticeable difference in 2-3 weeks.

Healthy diet-

Acidity oftentimes is caused by having too much oily and junk food.You need to avoid fatty and oily junk food else it will create acid in your stomach and which in turn makes acidity. The main reason of acidity is having spicy and oily food. One should not eat outside junk food which is very unhealthy if you’re aged, in young age our body digests everything but after sometime we aren’t able to digest even a roti that’s when acid releases from our stomach, if not treated in time it may create stomach ulcers and even cause high blood pressure for your life. If you’re eating inside you must include cucumber in your diet and tell your cook or whoever makes your food to put no oil and no spice in your this small steps you may avoid acidity forever.


Have atleast 12 glassess of water daily in your diet.drink hot water daily on empty stomach it will also help your stomach to digest and clean all toxins from your body. If you can purchase green tea from market it will be very beneficial for you. Having green tea atleast 2-3 warm glasses will leave your stomach at ease and you will see acid levels are decreased. If you don’t have green tea you can drink hot black tea in morning on an empty stomach you can add dalchini and fenugreek into it which will also make your stomach at ease. But having it empty stomach will only benefit don’t have it with breakfast. Avoid milk tea for sometime till you feel relaxed. Avoiding milk tea will make acid levels controlled and also keep this in mind that having milk tea more than 2 times will produce acid in your body. If you’re addicted to milk tea then you can have it only one time a day don’t do more than that.

Eat less spicy food-

if you face acidity on daily basis even eating normal homemade food makes your stomach upset or acidity you should eat less spicy and less salt food. Eating very basic food like lentils and rice will be perfect for you. Have homemade food for a while, have khichdi and dal , don’t have spicy food if you have a weak stomach.

Have raw cold milk-

Have raw cold milk whenever you feel like acidity it will reduce acid level immediately in your body. Don’t boil milk just have it raw and cold to have immediate relief. It is an home remedie which will make you relief immediately.

Stop Late night snacking-

If you are someone who eats snacks at anytime of the day.if you don’t have a particular time to eat and sleep you must set your alarms now, and eat on time. Stop having midnight snacking which is the main reason of having acidity. Midnight snacking is said to be very bad according to doctors as well.

Don’t lay down after eating good

If You’re one of those who lay down on bed after feeling full with food and relax after feeding yourself too much food. Have food according to your appetite don’t stuff yourself with too much food even it’s for free have limited food which suits your own appetite. Also, do not ever lay down after having food you must walk atleast one round or just keep your used utensils in kitchen. Don’t ever do this to yourself that you lay down and just eat and sleep this will make you fat and lethargic and it will ultimately increase acidity levels in your body and may cause high blood pressure.

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