How to control Hairfall with simple steps

Hairs are the significant part of our body, it encourages our appearance and make us look good. It gives a good impression on people front of us. Even If we don’t use makeup and don’t want to get ready much but if we put our hairs in a good style it takes over all things. But what if your hairs are no more to be styled. Sometime hairs are so frizzy and damaged that even getting ready and applying makeup doesn’t make it look good. Hairs are a very major part of our body without which we look empty and we feel some things missing and sometimes we also lack confidence because of that. And we often miss our confidence and people make our fun and we became a cause of joke because of our hair fall. And we also sometimes miss our most important opportunities of life because of lack of confidence. I am sure you won’t let that happen to you. So here I am to help you so that you don’t feel that embarrassing situation at all. Here are my secret tips for healthy hairs-


Oil your hairs twice or thrice in a week which will make your hair roots strong and fit. Which will lessen hairfall very quickly.try coconut oil and olive oil on your hairs it will nourish your scalp and reduce dandruff as well.

Stop stressing-

Taking too much stress on things may lead to hair fall to stop hair fall you need to stop stressing over little things. And start being happy. Try meditation and yoga to calm your mind. Try beathing exercise like pranayam and suryanamaskaar to strengthen your roots withing which will also make your body fit. Stress is the major factor of hairfall in aged people popularly but can happen to youngs as well if you take too much stress. So avoid stress as much you can , don’t overthink on small things let everything happen on its own.

Eat healthy-

Have a balanced diet,having green vegetables and citric fruits specially which will regulate blood supply in brain and hair roots and also it will help in reducing acne and overall health of body. Having too much oily food also leads in hairfall. Have oranges, strawberries, avacadoes which will help in hair growth.

Avoid too much hairstyling-

Hairstyling hairs applying hair straightner and curler is in trend but styling hair oftentimes lead to hair loss and makes them frizzy and hairs loose their shine. Avoid using machines to often as it will weaken your hairs very much instead take proper care of your hairs so that you don’t have to put machines on them.

Oraganic shampoo-

If you use chemical based shampoo,avoid having it. Instead use a organic shampoo like khadi natural shampoo or aroma magic shampoo which are best in organic shampoo they have no sulphate and amoni which make our hair loose all protein from our hairs. Use organic and non chemical based shampoo.

Avoid bleach and haircolor-

Using bleach and making your hairs colored oftentimes lead to hairfall and major skin and scalp related issue.dont use amonia based color on your hairs. It will not only make your hairs fall but also make them gray when color fades. Instead have natural hairs.

Try hair masks-

Try hair masks atleast twice or thrice in a can make a natural hair mask at home using onion paste and coconut oil.mix both of them and apply 15 minutes earlier before bathing and rince it off after 15 minutes you will see a major difference in 2 weeks approximately. Onion will make your hairs grow and it will delay the hairfall and make your hair strong and long. You can also use egg mask . Apply only egg yolk on hairs and leave it for 15 minutes and then rince it off, then after you can use shampoo. You can also apply curd on hairs, according to ayurveda curd acts a conditioner on hairs.

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