• what is astrology?

astrology is predicting something will happen in near future which is not happened yet but will happen in future by astrology one can predict what is going to happen with them in future. By astrology one can know what they will become professionally , when thier marriage will happened when can they got job, can they govt. job, or they want to start new business to know whether it would be success of a failure everything can be asked by astrology whether profession or love Vedic astrology is one of the oldest astrology in India.

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  • History of Vedic astrology

The word Vedic has came from Sanskrit language Jyotisar which means heavenly body it was first founded in Rigveda it is an ancient Indian manuscript. according to Rigveda time is very powerful it can change anything in no time it is going in its own seed time is changing human according to its wish. humans are coming as well they are going from earth. Everything is depended on time, time changes everyone no one is left by this time. time doesn’t stop neither it waits for anybody. but humans use thier time efficiently and effectively from all living beings humans use their time in best form. Vedic astrology has future vision in it, it helps in knowing the events of future that are going to happen it is very old Vedic astrology contains within it the rich spiritual traditions and myths of ancient Indian culture Even today, throughout much of India,

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Jyotish is an accepted science and, for many, is part of their lifestyle ,overtime it became very famous because of its accuracy and efficiency. Vedic astrology is used to find good dates for rituals as well as used to find for your destiny, one can find its own destiny by Vedic astrology. There are 12 signs in the Vedic zodiac. Vedic astrology talks about karma, karma is your deeds Vedic astrology believes if you do something good to anybody , good will happen to you in one or the other form but if you do bad things only bad things will happen to you it will happen in this life or after life. Vedic astrology says that one should keep thier karma clean and not even think to do something bad to anybody and one should take care of others feelings as well, as it is believed that history repeats itself in Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology uses a different calendar than western calendar.

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