Rice Water and its different uses

There are numerous beauty and health secrets hidden in our kitchen, and rice is one of them. Not many of us may be aware that the water we usually throw away after soaking or cooking rice is actually loaded with many health and beauty benefits. For centuries, Asian women have been using this magic portion to treat a number of skins, hair and health issues. The one food staple that is easily available and highly nutritious is rice. This minuscule white grain has multiple benefits. Rice water or kanji is considered to be a magical potion by many ancient civilisations that help improve health, skin and hair. It boosts energy and provides nourishment to the body. In the beauty industry, rice water is typically used to wash the hair, apply to the face for that unmatched glow. In fact, it is also used in Korean skincare to minimise the size of pores and reduce pigmentation. 

Rice water refers to the leftover water after cooking rice. When you cook the rice in water at high temperature, it releases some amount of starch in it, this excess water with starch is known as ‘Rice water. However, sometimes the water that is used for soaking the rice is also used for beauty and health purposes. Rice water is high in starch and also contains carbohydrates, plant inositol, other organic substances, etc.  According to dermatologists and various researchers, rice water is a magical beauty agent that is rich in minerals and vitamins. In early days, it was one of the effective beauty products used by women at home.

Rice water has a multitude of components with nutritional value for the skin and hair. Around 16 per cent of these are proteins, the building blocks essential to cell health. Triglycerides and lipids each make up 10 per cent of the rice water composition, while starch (an extract still used in Japanese cosmetics), is present at 9 per cent. Carbohydrates, inositol, phytic acid and inorganic substances are other components in rice water. This is what you get when you boil an average handful of white rice in two cups of hot water and strain out the residue liquid. Rice water can be used twice a day every day as a skin toner, once a day in a skin mask or as a facial rinse. It can also be used as a shampoo as often as you shampoo your hair, or as a final rinse. However, there are several other benefits of using rice water.

Anti-ageing solution

Skin texture is greatly improved, and elasticity is restored by using rice water, especially in the case of dry and dehydrated skin. Rice water is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, flavonoids and phenolic compounds. In addition, it contains ferulic acid and allantoin, all of which are necessary for skin function. 

Hair cleanser

Using it as a shampoo to wash out your hair may not be as convenient as a store-bought shampoo, but it comes without chemicals and preservatives, and you don’t even need to follow it up with a conditioner. 3) It balances your scalp’s pH levels.
Rice water keeps your hair’s natural oils intact and its pH levels are similar to that of the scalp! For added benefits, a few drops of your preferred essential oils can be added to rice water, and this mix can replace your regular shampoo.

Improves complexion

One of the key functions of rice water is brighter skin and an even skin tone. If you are battling with hyperpigmentation, age spots, sun spots etc., fermented rice water can help a great deal. Not only is rice water beneficial for brown spots but it also works well in lightening other kinds of spots. Take fermented rice water and dip a cotton ball in it, massage over the spots and you will find sun spots, pigmentation, hyperpigmentation and freckles getting lighter with regular use.

Soothes Skin conditions

In 2002, a study from the Department of Toxicology at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium determined that patients with skin conditions like inflammation, rashes and dermatitis benefitted greatly from taking a bath in rice water twice a day. So people with sensitive skins, rejoice! It is the most natural astringent you can ever imagine, thanks to its high starch content, and is good for people suffering from chronic acne and pimples as well. 

Improve Overall Health

Because the water retained after soaking or boiling rice is as nutritious as rice itself, and many cultures especially in Asia swear by health and longevity benefits from a diet heavy in rice, drinking rice water may provide some health benefits. rice water is said to provide energy, help with stomach issues like bloating and constipation and diarrhea, help protect from the sun and regulate body temperature.

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