List of Basic Indian Wedding Ceremony

A marriage is considered to be an end of childhood and to adapt all the mandatory duties that are required. Many young people are curious to know about traditional Hindu marriages. Previously, marriages were designed for joint families. It is believed that there is a particular time period every year which is regarded as auspicious for marriages.

A traditional Indian wedding starts with the Engagement Ceremony or ritual. Traditionally, this ritual was arranged and took place between the parents of the bride and the groom, technically, just exchange of gifts, sweets and clothes. Today, by adapting the modern practices the bride and the groom exchange rings in the presence of close ones.

This was just a startup for the wedding ceremonies. Here we continue with another ceremony that is between the engagement and wedding. Sangeet is, primarily a North Indian ritual which is being adapted by other communities these days. It involves singing, dancing, acting and meal by the family members of both bride and groom, along with friends and relatives.

The list of ceremony continues with another ritual of Haldi. This involves preparing the groom and the bride for the wedding at their respective homes. Both of them are smudged with turmeric paste known as haldi and then bathed them with water.

The ceremony of Mehendi is followed with Haldi, here bride and the groom has to put heena on their hands as a spiritual belief. This particular ceremony is favourite of every bride they put it on their hands as well as legs. Women of family sing some traditional wedding songs and dance along with that.

Then comes the Wedding, you might be thinking that this is could be the last as It’s Wedding, but let me hold your attention because it’s not yet over. The Wedding about which we all know the grand entry of bride and groom, then few rituals of marriage and then the bride goes to her husband’s house after taking all the blessings from elders.

Here comes the last ceremony, The Grand Reception which is from the groom side but the bride’s family is also invited. People come, give gifts and blessings to the newly wedded couple, eat and then go. But the groom side family enjoys at the utmost level with full on dancing, eating. So this was the list of the ceremony of Indian weddings.

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