Ladakh festival’s incredible Celebration 2021

This is the main festival of Jammu and Kashmir‘s Ladakh. Ladakh Festival is a unique festival, it is a mix of culture and enthusiasm. It is also known as the harvest festival of Jammu and Kashmir, it is Held during the first 15 days of the month of September, the festival witnesses a number of colorful cultural groups from the various parts of Ladakh that fill the streets of Leh Ladakh, the people dance with joy and enthusiasm with the traditional music and dance of Jammu and Kashmir. There isn’t just dance and celebration but also archery and polo competitions are held during this festival, this is an amazing thing to watch if you are planning to Ladakh.

This year it is coming from 21st September to 25th September, if you are planning to come to Ladakh you must visit and cherish this festival you will have the most amazing time while watching the traditional dance and music, one will get unforgettable memories to cherish there lifetime.

here’s what you can expect at this festival if you’re planning to go near Ladakh and want to explore new culture-

Traditional dress wearing-

People wear their traditional dresses, which look very amazing to watch. They dance on there their traditional songs, some people march on camels. This is done on the main streets of the town. A march is held in the middle of the streets, people dance with joy and enthusiasm, and follow their old ritual, it’s a real bliss to watch them in real performing their traditional dance in their traditional robes, traditional jewelry, and fancy crowns.


This festival is very famous in region Ladakh, it is made on a very huge scale, all you can see and listen around every where is traditional music and traditional dance, somewhere people eating traditional delicacies, you may see locals enjoying the parade. you may see other spectators enjoying the festival. One may participate in that also.


this festival is celebrated for 4 days, it is celebrated in whole Ladakh region. males and females both can participate in this festival. they wear their traditional dresses, they dance in circles or in lines, this dance is continued till midnight. the decoration is a must to see, different types of decoration are done, many types of flags are decorated in a cute manner.

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