Janmashtami 2021 : Home Activities to celebrate with your kids

I think our parents had told us about their childhood when they celebrated Janmashtami, the excitement they had, the fun they had in their time. They would start preparing from 3-4 days earlier for it. On Janmashtami they used to wake up early and draw rivers, roads with white chalk on the entrance of their house and make a model of a mountain and used a water pipe to give a feel of the river in front of their home, in the evening they would dress up as Radha & Krishna and perform in different Jhanki’s. Even we all enjoyed festivals in our childhood as well. But in recent years children have stopped celebrating it, they are always on their phone or busy with their studies, and this pandemic has made it even worse children can’t even go to play outside, can’t meet with their friends as well as cant make festivals as we would celebrate in our time.

Children can’t grow mentally and physically by just staying home and study all day. They have to be put in other activities as well, So it is now parent’s responsibility to make their child all-rounder and understand their child and spent some quality time with children with the time this pandemic has given them.

So, here are quick tips you can do make your child’s Janmashtami even more exciting and fun to make them grow within,

Home Decor-

By changing home decor, we can give a little vibe to it. Decor can include fairy lights, colorful dupattas, balloons, cut colorful & shining paper and decorate it as you like, you can use flower petals, Hanging Ladi of Artificial Marigold, etc., this how you can decorate your pooja room.
you can have a little pooja with your kids, ask your kids to join the prayer as well, in the morning to start the day with lord Krishna’s positive vibes.

Story telling-

You can have a storytelling session with your kids and tell them the stories of Lord Krishna and why do we celebrate Janmashtami, what do we do on Janmashtami, why do we, which will give them knowledge about why do we celebrate Janmashtami. You can buy an ebook from amazon on Lord Krishna as well. You can tell them how they can have the qualities that Lord Krishna had to achieve anything in life. childhood memories are very special to kids, one must enjoy that period and make their child enjoy it too.

Host Indoor Dahi Handi Party-

Dahi handi is a ritual we celebrate on the morning of Janmashtami. One can host a Dahi handi part at their house with minimal people, it may be your kids and their friends and your whole family. you can also play some other games with kids after the Dahi handi ritual, you can make kids play ludo, carrom, and other board games.
you can give welcome gifts to every child and a big surprise gift to the winner of Dahi handi. you can set this on your balcony.it will really excite your child and make some memorable childhood memories for them.

Educate through movies and songs-

One should make their children watch Lord Krishna’s movies, there are lots of animated movies nowadays also. Expand their knowledge about this festival of Janmashtami and give them a vibe of festivity. You may also chant or make kids listen to songs on Janmashtami, this can help you without spending any penny from your pocket, and kids can enjoy their time. You can make instant snacks like popcorn, or frozen food to give them to watch with the movie.

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