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Wedding is a big ceremony that is hosted in a big space as it requires alot of decoration and set up space for the guests. Wedding are hosted in houses with the availability of big space where the wedding could take place with small number of guest list. The guest list depends on the space availability of the house, as big as the house the bigger will be the guest list and the more vibrant and significant will be the decoration for the wedding.

Home weddings were trending in the 2020 phase and even today. Weddings use to take place at home during 80s and 90s but due to this Covid-19 outbreak we could see the same trend coming back in the 21st century. Nowadays people prefer intimate and private weddings with few guest list hosted in the backyard or any big space of the house. One of the important reason, why people are planning to host a private weddings at home because of the pandemic everyone’s health and safety is always kept on priority.

Every bride and groom wants a perfect wedding with perfect decoration which could be hosted either at wedding hall or home. Home decoration could be simple as well as magnificent according to one’s preferences and choices. Here are some ideas for home decoration for weddings which would give a fabulous look to the house.


The most trending form of decoration which is found in most of the weddings these days. It includes different colours of artificial flowers arranged in a fantastic way to give a vibrant and fabulous look to the house.


Home weddings are always preferred to keep small but decoration should never be put on hold in terms of small or big. Simple decoration can also give a wonderful dream like weddings. Single typed flowers gives an extremely adorable and vivid look to the wedding house.


DIY with different colours add realistic feel with colourful look to the house for the wedding. Weddings with different DIY items made by people are always appreciated by the people.


Fairy lights never go outdated and evertime it is used in a unique and different styles with beautiful items complimenting it’s look.


Decoration with colourful drapes idea is always the great and add pop of colour to the home wedding decoration.


The rustic look with fragrant candles brighten up every corner of the house. Candles can never be underrated elements in the wedding as it adds more beauty to the wedding decoration with its light, look and fragrance.

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