Galdan Namchot: What to expect, History & Celebration

Tsongkhapa was a great teacher of Buddhism his name was Tsongkhapa which means the Man from Onion Valley, he was born in Amdo, Tibet, he lived in a very traditional place in Tibet. He was a famous teacher of Tibetan Buddhism his actions and dedication towards Buddhism led to the Creation of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. He is also known by his other names which are Losang Drakpa and Je Rinpoche. Also, he is known by the Chinese as Zongkapa Lobsang Zhaba, He was the son of a Tibetan Longben Tribal leader who also once served as an official of the Yuan Dynasty of China. Tsongkhapa did great things for Buddhism as well as he was a great teacher of Buddhism.

Galdan Namchot is celebrated in Tibet, Mongolia, Himalayas, and Ladakh, India. This day is celebrated for the birth of the Buddhahood of Je Tsongkhapa. Galdan Namchot is also known as the beginning of the new year celebrations in Ladakh. It is generally celebrated in the month of December. this year it is coming on 21st December.


During this festival, people light Diyas candles in front of their house to remove the darkness with light, which also symbolizes the victory of good over evil. This festival has its special Buddhist delicacies as well, as food is also an important part of this festival, and people prepare traditional cuisines such as vegetable and meat thukpa, momos, and the famous Ladakhi butter tea.

There are dance dramas that are specifically performed by the monks who dress up in colorful robes. The festival happens on a very grand scale and anyone can participate in it, people participate with great enthusiasm and joy, the people love this festival and wait for this festival for a very long time earlier and start prepping for it from a very long time back, as it is the most important festival in the community.

what you can expect and why one should visit this city during the festivity-

Festival of lights-

As it is believed that God will remove all darkness and negative energy from their life and it also resembles the victory of good over evil, to remove the darkness and in the joy of celebration butter lamps, candles, fairy lights are lit. As part of the festival relating to this Buddhist festival, one can also witness the monasteries and residential buildings lit up in the joy of festive lights.

Delicious lip-smacking food-

if you are an explorer and loves to enjoy exploring new festivals new traditions new rituals and most importantly new food, then you must visit Ladakh once during this festival. This festival has some lip-smacking Tibetan food delicacies to offer. like traditional meat thukpa, the special momos, Ladhaki butter tea.

Monks Worshipping-

the monks start the prayer and thank Tsongkhapa for his creation, and the activities Tsongkhapa did. One can also worship with them in a peaceful atmosphere in between those long mountains . one can find eternal peace to worship.

Buddhist new year-

Galdan Namchot is also known as Buddhist new year so one can expect the level of celebration they would be having as its new year. They enjoy the new binging of the year with full enthusiasm and joy with several activities to participate in, in hope for a new and fresh beginning, in hope that God will remove all their pain and fill their life with happiness next year. It’s an absolute joy to witness something like this. one can visit Ladakh during the festivity in the month of December, and cherish the festivity.

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