Bhai Phota: Date, Significance and Decor Ideas

Bhai Phota is a festivity celebrated near Around November. In Punjabi’s, it is called ‘Tikka’ &, in Hindus, it is Bhai Dooj, & in Kolkata, it is called Bhai Phota. This festival is just like Raksha Bandhan but in Raksha Bandhan sisters tie beautiful threads on their brother’s hand and put tilak which is tikka on their forehead and offer them sweets and gifts in return as a blessing, whereas in Bhai phota we just put tilak or tika on the brother’s forehead and offer each other sweets and the sister gives blessings and brother gives gifts to her sister.

Bhai phota also called Bhai Dooj is celebrated with very joy and enthusiasm in Kolkata and every part of India. This year Bhai phota is coming on 6 November, Saturday. It will be celebrated with joy, love, and sweets as always. As it’s a very special day we should celebrate it, joyously and feel happy if our loved ones are safe with us as this pandemic has given us plenty of reasons to take care of our loved ones more. Also lets, this Bhai phota why don’t we all teach our brothers that they only shouldn’t protect us as well as other girls who are someone else’s sisters and make this earth a good place to live again.

So, let us see how we can make this Bhai Phota even more beautiful by these decor ideas-

Simple one-

If you are one of those who believe less is more, then you will definitely like this one, in this one you first of all need to have a neat and tidy room actually, its the first step in any decor. So after you cleaned your room you can hang artificial marigold ladi on your entrance gate, and if you have any balcony you can hang them there as well. If you have kids you can ask them to make a small rangoli at the entrance of the home, it will give them a vibe of festivity as well.

The middle one-

If you are having a Bhai Phota party at your home and want to everyone but stay classy at the same time, this one’s for you. So what you can do is ask your kids and other kids at the party to make a big round rangoli, this will keep them busy and they can spend time with their cousins and make a good bond with them, Or you can hire a professional rangoli maker who can make it perfect. After that, you can buy some artificial marigold ladi’s and style them on walls rather than on both as it will look messy if you put marigold ladi’s everywhere, and on walls, it will not look messy as well as minimalistic.

The mix of everything-

If you are one of those who like to have everything in there and wanna celebrate the festivity as it should . I just know what you exactly want, you need a professional rangoli maker to make a big rangoli, as well as you can hire professional decor personnel or if you want to do the decor yourself here are some ideas like you can buy real rose ladi’s and decorate them in the corner of your room, decorate it on your indoor plants. Use fairy lights or cute blubs, you can even use Diwali lights to save your money use marigold artificial ladi’s and decorate them on your wall, and you’re done just wear your favorite ethenics and you’re ready.

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