All about Kolkata International Cinema Festival: Date & Significance

The festival of Kolkata International Cinema festival was founded in 1995,it has been 26 years it has been organized continously, is celebrated by the West Bengal Film Centre under the rule of the West Bengal Government. In 2019, it was held from 8 November to 15 November. It is celebrated generally in the month of mid-November for 7 days. It is very much cherished in the parts of West Bengal. It is very close to the heart for cinema lovers.Cinema lovers wait and start preparing for for this festival for 1-2 months earlier.

As we all know everyone in this world knows at least a little about our film indusrties , but we Indians are very crazy about films, and we are crazy about one other thing as well which are festivals the way we make festivals and celebrate it together with our whole heart. So, it’s very obvious that we would be having a separate festival for films and when we talk about fans in Kolkata it makes even more obvious as we all west Bengalis love films than anyone could, so to celebrate films and all the people, making this industry it is known today.

lets us know whats so special in this festival that everyone is crazy about it-

Showcases indian and international films-

It showcases Indian as well as international films, the brilliant directors, Producers, and actors are welcomed and appreciated whole heartedly.Its there way to make them feel appreciated and important which makes this festival even more special.

Oldest international film festival-

Yes, surprisingly it is the 2nd oldest known international films festival in India which is still running from 1995 till now. Also, it features the best documentaries, short films, art films as well. The award given is known as Golden/Silver Royal Bengal Tiger.

One of the Grand festival in the Town-

It has been always grand since the beginning of this festival, it has been organized on a very big and grand level all the national and international film industries personnel are invited and they inaugurate the function it has been inaugurated by very famous actors like Mr.Amitabh Bachan and Shahrukh khan & Aishwarya raye Bachan and many more.

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