Trending Colours of Bridal Lehenga

Colours play a vital role in the world as well as in our lives. If we see we actually live in a colourful world and we have been buying a product with various colour options. There is a link between the colours and human emotions, they go interrelated with each other. Colours influence people on different levels. Colours have positive and negative association in one’s life at different interval of time.

Traditionally, there was one fix colour for the bride on the day of wedding, that is, Red. Red is considered to be the most auspicious color among Hindus. While the saree was preferred as the bridal dress in all over india. But in today’s scenario the concept has taken a step ahead, bridals are no longer interested in wearing a saree on their wedding day. Bridals wear designer lehangas with magnificent work on them. Nowadays, red is not the only colour worn by bridals, they are getting more adventurous and experimental trying out different colors for their wedding day.

Some of the trending colours of bridal lehengas:       


Blue is such common interest of bridals these days. The different shades of blue be it royal blue, light blue, powder blue, ice blue, etc. give such an amazing and elegant look to a bridal like a princess.


The most common colour found among bridal lehengas. The different shades of pink with some contrasting colours  like baby pink, pale pink, powder pink, blush pink, light pink, etc. is so soothing to wear as well as to eyes.


Red has been always the evergreen colour for the bridal lehenga. The designer red colour lehenga gives a magnificent look to the bride. The red is contrasted with golden or some other soothing  colours to give a vibrant look to the lehenga.


These two colours are rarely found these days. The bride wearing an orange or a yellow lehenga gives an elegant look with uniqueness.


Gold that glitters the eyes of people. The gold lehengas gives a royal, grand and majestic look to the bridals.

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