Couple Coordinated Wedding Outfits

Couple coordinated wedding outfits look very elegant and chic. Such outfits compliment each other’s looks. When it is about a wedding dress, no one wants to take a chance. Every couple wants to look their best for their special day, they want to look like they are made for each other. We have seen couples going shopping together to match each other’s outfits but it does not turn out as expected. It is either too loud or very dull, whereas here we are to help you, to guide you to choose the outfit for your D-Day.

As the saying goes, beauty lies in effortlessly balancing things. We hope that this blog will help you make the best decisions while shopping for your wedding dresses. Here we are with a few ideas on how to couple coordinate your wedding outfits.

  1. Matching the hues

You can always wear same color clothes with a very similar pattern. Maybe when you imagine it, it would not be appealing but trust us that is visible in reality.

As you can see, it seems like they have got their outfits from the same cloth and that makes them look whole.

2. Complimenting each other

Now, the groom can have his dupatta or his turban of the same color as the bride’s dupatta. The small popouts in each other’s outfits can make you look like a pair. The bride can have her dupatta the same color as the groom’s kurta, or they can share the same-colored dupatta.

3. Contrast

We have seen celebrities do it, but it is a risky ground to play on. You should be able to carry each others outfits well. It is all about the color combinations and color sense.

4. Golden and white

We, Indians have so many events during the wedding. There is haldi, mehndi, sangeet, wedding, and reception. Let us help you with that as well.

5. Matching the print

This is a new trend to use exactly the same cloth while tailoring the couple’s outfit. This is a unique idea as it makes you stand out as a couple and how can forget about the photos, oh! they look wonderful.

The lehenga cloth can be the same as the jacket which will make it look subtle and together.

Keep in mind, pastel colors are very relaxing to the eyes and they look good on camera as well. Now, the trend of using white in wedding functions has increased. So, try it out and let us know.

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