College Girls Guide: Dressing Sense For College Girls in India


For the most part, Indian colleges do not follow dress codes, there are still exceptions yet. And so, for colleges that do not have any uniform system, students can use anything that looks comfortable, adequate, intelligent and modern. For girls dresses you can vary from jeans, t-shirts, casual shirts, skirts, half pants, t-shirts, plates, costumes, etc.

University days are such where you are always lack of money. The pockets are mostly empty and, at the same time, you want it to look good and stylish. So students are always looking for this clothes, which are a less cost and style preparation. Also your wardrobe can be full of clothes, but still struggle with the same question each morning, what is “what to wear in the college/university”?

Dear students discuss what you can use or how you can dress up at the university, which will make you look moderate and fashionable.


Girls should also follow some rules when they are getting ready for college. What will be the sense of dressing also depends on the university you go. Whether you have a dress code, either co-ed or not? The girls will always try to wear clean, clean and properly ironed dresses. The clean dresses make you look hygienic, attractive and clean. Also the girls will make your hair in an orderly manner. The messy appearance should be avoided.

Too much skin demonstration is also a bad choice at the college. Yes, of course, you have the freedom to use whatever you want, but things like tops or low-cut skirts that are too short, will not take to college. These may sound very elegant, but the attempt and plays safe in college. Be simple, elegant, modern, and yourself.

We discuss what the girls will remain in mind when they dress for colleges in India.



Maintaining your simplicity is the best way to look good. Your simpler looks prettier, you see that at the same time you will look more comfortable and confident. Avoid luster, wear something simple and in accordance with the season. As in summer you can wear summer friendly colors, flower molds, cotton clothes, plant climbs, etc. which are quite trends. Similarly, for winter you will wear bright colors and dresses accordingly.



College is the best place where you can show off your love for colours. This is the most appropriate place to be colorful. Don’t hold on to several colors, instead try new and different colors. This will make you look colorful, jazzy and interesting every day. You also have to wear various types of dresses One day you can wear a skirt, on another day you can use denim and shirt and on another day you can wear salwar suits and so on.



Always remember to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. Don’t get anything that will make you uncomfortable. The following fashion trends are good but it will suit you. You must be on campus all day and so wear something that makes you annoyed, not a good choice. Wear a dress that suits your personality and gives you comfort also increases your confidence.



Accessories are most important for girls. This adds to their appearance. You have all the independence to wear funky earrings, bracelets, toe, hair bands, high heels, watches, nuances, etc. You can decorate your nails and go for hair color. A cool and trendy handbag will make you look super cool and perfect for the look of college.



The dress will be accompanied by a pair of shoes and the right sandals. Shoes must be simple and comfortable and will not bother you. If you wear heels, make sure they are not the reason for your inconvenience because you have to be with them all day. Remember to wear shoes and shoes that are clean, and also keep in mind that your sandals will not be damaged. Also please don’t wear bathroom sandals to campus.



Some t-shirts have logos printed on them. Then, when you choose a t- shirt to wear at the college, make sure you do not wear on which something offensive is written. Also avoid t-shirts with double meaning logos and a linings.



Until or unless you are part of a dance or sports club, limit your pajamas and yoga pants to the house. Wearing them to college is a bad idea because it might make pictures in the minds of students and other teachers that you are a lethargic person. They also don’t look good in a place like college.


Girls, the last but not a little don’t forget to wear your confidence. Confidence is something that will help you win the race. Some days you might not look beautiful, or go up to goals but if you will be confident, everything will be perfect.

The above is the basics for boys and girls who want to find a perfect lecture. So, when students get ready for their appearance in college, the advice above will be very helpful and supportive.

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