Bridal Payal Collection for Weddings

Weddings in India are considered as symbolic. Before it was not a choice it was a tradition followed by everyone. Wedding is also known as vivaah in Sanskrit. The important role of wedding is to make both bride and groom learn the true meaning of togetherness despite of any challenges in life. Similarly, every thing that is used in an Indian marriage has some reason behind it. If we take the bride every single thing that she wear or put on is because of some spiritual belief or faith. One of these is the payal which is considered as an important jewellery for a bride on the day of her wedding.

Payal or one of the foot jewellery, is designed in India as an important item of bride’s solaah shingar or sixteen ornaments. There is great importance of solaah shingar in Indian culture and is followed by our ancestors from many generations. Traditionally, new brides are gifted with a pair of such payals and it is also believed that the sound of the tiny bells on them announce the bride’s entry in the groom’s house. Here are special bridal type payals for the weddings.


A pair of payal that feature layers of silver beads, suspended from an ankle bracelet. Mogra designed payals give a royal princess look to the bride’s foot.


Kundan jewelleries are magnificently crafted within gold. The strands of payals are crafted beautifully to give kundans a rich look. Nowadays brides prefer to wear kundan payals as it compliment their bridal look, especially in the photoshoots.


These multilayered gold payals are mostly handmade and is always in trend. Gold is important in Indian weddings so gold payals were worn before as well as even today by the brides as a belief. It has many layers of gold chains with works on them and crafted beautifully. Brides in Rajasthan and Gujarat wear this type of payals.


Navratna or nine gems are crafted together with silver bells along with pearls within them. This colourful look also goes within golds, it gives elegant look to the foot. This look cannot be considered to be latest because it is being seen since our grandparents generation.


There are some bridals who give orders to make some designer payals which have some unique designs on them that could be rarely found. These could include some scenes of wedding, designs of dolly, or something unique. They look magnificantly beautiful and stunning.

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