Best Non-Alcoholic Bachelor’s Party Themes Before the Wedding

Wedding is a such a big occasion for both the bride and the groom. Both of them goes through a roller coaster of emotions within themselves, in order to avoid or calm them Bachelor’s Party is must.

As we know, it is a dream of every bride and groom to get a best bachelor’s party from their friends or close one’s. Not to worry, here are some best non-alcoholic Bachelor’s Party themes that are trending, tremendously.


The definition of fun differ according to people. The BFFs can plan out a sober house party by getting their best friend pampered and make them feel special on the day before their wedding. They can plan a surprise by a recorded video message gift hampers, some cakes, games and some gossips among each other. Along with all these, take pictures in order to capture the memorable and beautiful moments of life.


This option is best if the bride or the groom is too adventurous. They can plan to go out somewhere for one night camp, it could be mountains or anything. They can try out different adventurous things along with crazy games with friends. This could give you some quality time to spend with their friends and the most fun-loving and entertaining party ever.


Theme party could be of anything that the bride or groom is more found off. It could be fashion shows, 90s retro, Game of Thrones themed party and many more.


Pool parties with friends are always best time spend. You can arrange some pool games, competition along with delicious food items. People could even arrange a set up for a movie.


It is not important that bachelor’s parties are always have to be at night. Friends can arrange a royal and elegant brunch with fellow friends. This could be best for a foodie bride or a groom. They can either book a total hotel or a table for a beautiful brunch partyparty along with some gossips.


Friends can call the wedding planning team to shoot a video of their friendship bond, love and years in a movie. This surprise video shoot could be the best wedding gift for both the bride or the groom.


These days costume parties are trending and the always the most fun-loving. Friends dress up creatively and differently from one another. They post pictures and videos of the party and their costumes to flaunt their elegant looks and dresses.

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