5 reasons behind the popularity of Korean pop Music

The internet connectivity is rapidly evolving everyday throughout the globe and the people across the world comes to know about the existence of endless number of fresh arts, lifestyle, film, music and other new things.

KPOP or Korean pop music is one of the fresh and exciting music genres which has taken over the world and it all started with one and only PSY song ‘Gangnam style’ which blew up worldwide.

Kpop is not only just a genre of music but it’s also a lifestyle and culture of its own. If you have seen any Kpop video you know what I am talking about. Yes right, Kpop comes with skincare, make-up, clothing, brands, arts and many more. When people watch Kpop videos they noticed all the things which I have mentioned.

BTS, EXO, Red velvet, Big Bang, Twice are some of the examples of Kpop groups which showcase the lifestyles and cultures of south Korea and represent them with their unique music and its concepts.

Let’s see the reasons which make Korean pop music so uniquely popular.


Kpop brings a whole new meaning to the Fashion trends. The outfits and styles of Kpop idols often surpasses the intensity and originality of the western stars. They have their own unique style and instead of going with the current trends they set their own standard of fashion trends instead. Kpop idols never shy away from making a splash and trying new and creative fashion.

Take, for example, BTS, a worldwide popular Kpop idol group known for their superior music talent and their music video concepts all over the world, is also a frequent fashion trendsetter and fashion icon.

Recently, Kpop stars BTS are also announced as the latest global ambassadors of the fashion house, Louis Vuitton.

Diverse Talent

Kpop artist are superior in diverse talents. While you can certainly see many actors, who don’t act very well, and dancers who can’t sing properly, but then there comes Kpop idols who not only Sing and dance but can act in dramas and movies too and they write their own songs as well.

You can find many Kpop idols who start with either model or as a Kpop group idol or trainee then later, become fantastic actors. Not only that, it is common in South Korea to see Kpop idols to take on major roles in many different dramas and movies.

For example, Cha Eun-woo from Astro, IU Kpop solo artist, Do Kyung-soo from EXO, Park Jin-young from GOT7 and many more are there.

Costume and Colorful Music Videos

This is one of the things which Kpop does so well. The creativity and the use of color in music videos is their one of the expertise field.

It is no surprise that Korean pop culture is well thought and heavily refined. The efforts they make in representing their music videos and video concept through makeup, outfits, lightening effects and everything else are always in service to a grater theme and vision.


So, when we are talking about music how can we miss dance and the choreography. It is one of another area where the Kpop artists are dominating through their moves and superior dance skills. Kpop idols are not only sing and dance, they go for a complicated and challenging training for years to reach at the professional level of dancer before their debut.

They live a well routine life which takes an insane amount of hard work, skills, practice and efforts and it’s not only for some month or for some years they trained hard before their debut and after their debut they need to work and practice ever harder to meet the expectations of their fans as an idol.

High Concept Groups

Kpop has always been tendency to put forward their highly talented groups with an original concept. These Kpop groups are one of the reasons today, for the popularity of South Korea as a country which shows their beautiful culture and lifestyles through music and visuals.

For example, EXO, a successful Kpop boy band group which performs and promotes the band music and represent the Korean culture and their language. This band always record their songs in two different languages i.e., Korean as well as Mandarin increasing band’s potential audiences.

This tendency of Kpop makes them stand out against every other genre throughout the world.

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