Types of bridal blouse 2021

Wedding is the most important and exciting day for the bride and the groom. It is about a knot of love. On this day you expect everything to be perfect, especially your outfit, and the makeup. No bride wants to go through any fashion disasters. If selecting the perfect saree is a task imagine selecting the design of the blouse. Don’t you worry our beautiful brides, we are here to help you out with the upcoming designs of the blouse. We promise you all the eyes will be on you.

A well-fitted blouse is very important, so make sure when you get it stitched you have given the same tailor a few samples earlier. A great blouse not only completes the outfit but takes your bridal look to the next level. If you are ready with your outfit board and looking for designs, you have come to the perfect place. Scroll down and select your favorite blouse design.

1. Sheer shoulder blouse

The sheer shoulder blouse is one of the biggest trends in bridal blouse designs. This beautiful blouse design has a sweetheart neck lining with sheer shoulder and pearl embellishments that is perfect to be paired with both a lehenga and a saree. This gives an elegant yet bold look.

2. Metal scales blouse design

All of us have become trendy during this lockdown, so experiment with your outfits too. Let us go unconventional with blouse designs as well. Try out a metal scale blouse design. It is something to draw inspiration from and trust me your guests will surely talk about it. It gives boss babe vibes which are pretty cool.

3. Backless saree blouse with cute little latkans

This bridal blouse design has been seen since 2018 but hasn’t lost its hype. This style is anything but boring and old. All you have to do is select the color combinations. Gorgeous cream color with gold-embellished sleeves and a fully backless design makes it look bold and sensual at once. You can add small latkans in gold at the back just add to the charm of this latest blouse design.

4. Blouse design with pearl strings at the back

One of the most popular blouse designs so far. It is so simple yet so stunning. This one comes with a few strings of pearls and a pendant at the back, which looks like a necklace worn on your back and you can always have different types of sleeves with minimal gold embroidery make this blouse design look even better.

So, ladies, now that you saw the best blouse designs 2021, which one did you love the most?

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