New Bride of New Generation

Marriages in India are symbolised as the sign of purity and togetherness. Weddings in India is never a matter of things that happens quickly within few hours of a day. It takes place in a traditional manner for around 3-4 days with all the rituals and ceremonies. Marriages not only just connects two people but also the two families of the bride and the groom, presence of every member of both the families is equally important. Every ritual in a marriage holds alot of importance in Hinduism, as it is believed that performing every ritual of a marriage takes the bride and the groom one step ahead in starting their new beginning or new life together.

Bridals are always so excited as well as nervous about this big day of their life. They become very particular about their outfits, makeup and jewellery this maybe because they always need to look as the perfect bride in the whole world. As we all know bridal lehenga is the outfit which is adorned by the Indian brides for their Indian wedding, but in 2020 we have come across something new and different from the rest.

You all might be thinking what I am actually talking about, what new and different. So let’s not keep anymore suspense for you all. A bride who looked like a power girl in her wedding attire, surprisingly the most unique and different attire. She was wearing a vintage pantsuit with a dupatta for her wedding day with minimal jewellery.

Sanjana Rishi an Indian American entrepreneur, a 29 years old girl married a businessman, Dhruv Mahajan of New Delhi in the capital city of India on September 20. Breaking the stereotype of wearing a bridal lehenga on the wedding day, this bride took a big and unique step. She could be mentioned as “the new bride of new generation” making a bold step in forming a new trend for the brides. The groom was never surprised to see his bride dressed up in a pantsuit on the wedding day. In an interview he mentioned about how beautiful sanjana was looking in her attire and it really doesn’t matter to him what she wears because she always rocks in her stuffs.

Hence, the wedding pictures of this couple is getting viral in all over the world. Some sections of people are admiring her bridal look in a powder-blue pantsuit whereas there are some people who could not take up her look and are passing on negative comments. Society has its two sides just as coins have, positive as well as negative sides of the society is available.

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