Make a wedding day emergency kit

As we all know prevention is better than cure. When it comes to weddings you need to be 110% ready. So you should have an emergency kit to make sure you are well prepared. We’re sure your big day will go off without a hitch, but in case of an unexpected blunder, pain, or spill, a wedding survival kit for the bride, groom, and wedding party is a must for any situation.

We recommend building your own emergency wedding kit based on your own needs, storing items in a large, zipper pouch or tote bag, and place it out of sight but within easy reach. Task responsibility of managing the kit on your wedding day to a trusted friend like the maid of honor, best man, or a close relative. Here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you should consider including in your own wedding survival kit.


We are here to help you, but of course, choose the items mentions according to your need.

  • Comfy (but cute!) flats or flip-flops, because dancing is hard work on your feet.
  • Cash, because you never know.
  • Lotion, for picture-perfect skin.
  • Razor, to clean up any missed spots.
  • Compact mirror, for those last-minute makeup checks.
  • Fan, because when you’re cool, you’re calm. This is also one of the few times someone will actually offer to fan you.
  • Eyelash glue, if you’re giving your lashes a little extra love.
  • Face mist, to quickly revitalize and cool off your skin.
  • Pen and paper, for last-minute notes, instructions, and thank yous.
  • All things makeup backups, including eyeliner, mascara, and concealer.
  • White chalk, because it can cover up wedding dress’s stains in a pinch.
  • Antibacterial hand wipes, in case you’re far from the nearest sink.
  • Sunscreen, for anyone who may have forgotten to apply.
  • Bug spray, especially if you’re having a summer wedding (read through our summer wedding ideas).
  • Lighter, to help relight candles or sparklers.
  • Spare underwear, because…don’t ask.


Textile: Sewing Items Still Life

Look for a miniature sewing kit that comes with needles, mini scissors, extra buttons, and thread in basic colors. The scissors will come in handy if you need to snip any loose threads or cut off clothing tags. We also recommend taking the extra step to track down a bit of thread that matches your wedding dress, just in case you need to quickly stitch any loose beads or appliques back in place.


Another must-have to add to your bridal emergency kit is safety pins. Our pro tip is to buy a pack that comes in assorted sizes. Use the mini-size pins to quickly fix a small tear in a bridesmaid’s dress (pin it on the underside of the fabric). Medium-size pins are great for reattaching a broken bra or dress’s strap.


Pack a small bottle of pain reliever meds just in case you or anyone else in the wedding party comes down with a headache or has a hangover from the rehearsal dinner the night before.

We’ve thought of everything and broken them down by category; choose the emergency-kit items in each category that make the most sense for you and your wedding party’s day-of needs.


When you’re feeling good, you’ll look even better. We recommend travel-size versions of the following wedding survival kit items:

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss for that perfect smile.
  • Tissue, for those happy tears.
  • Deodorant, because nerves often lead to sweat.
  • Eye drops, so they can gaze into your beautiful eyes throughout the day.
  • Non-drowsy allergy meds, especially for outdoor weddings.
  • Antacid medication, because nothing spoils a moment like a sour stomach.
  • Q-tips, because always.
  • Band-aids, because you never know.
  • Tampons and pads, because see above.


Because even though looking your best isn’t really the most important part of your wedding, it sure does feel like it is.

  • Lip balm, gloss, and/or lipstick in your shade.
  • Fragrance, to keep you smelling irresistible.
  • Clear and colored nail polish, to fix any chips or hosiery runs. The clear polish will help a snag or run in your tights from getting worse.
  • Nail polish remover, for when your nail color gets onto places it shouldn’t.
  • Nail clipper, nail file, and scissors, especially for those grooms/groomsmen who didn’t see a pro before the big day.
  • Brush/comb, to keep that updo tidy.
  • Tweezers, for errant hairs.
  • Extra earring backs, so there’s no need to panic.
  • Superglue, for when all else fails.
  • Boutonnieres pins, because no one else will have these on hand

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